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2013 CCF Weekend Exercise

Weekend Fieldcraft Exercise

Saint Martins Plain, Folkestone


It was decided that to break the training syllabus we do as an RAF section from Astor College CCF.


We took the Cadets away to Saint Martins Plain Folkestone to carry out some fieldcraft training. We stayed in accommodation with hot water and beds and  were given three square meals a day.


We started the training on the Saturday with PT in the form of a jog. We then carried out lessons in Camouflage and concealment, shelter building, moving with out weapons and field signals.


Once we had spent the day getting dirty and wet, we carried out some leadership tasks that took decision making and delegation to make a task work. In the evening cadets where allowed to got to the recreational centre to shoot some pool, and chat to other Cadets that where there and buy snacks and relax.


The weekend was a success and all cadets gained some experience in the form of Soldiering Fieldcraft.