Year 7


Our Aim

At Astor College we strive to ensure the transition from Primary to Secondary is a positive experience and that Year 7 fully embed themselves into the Astor Family from the very beginning. Our aim is for our students to be confident in their new surroundings, to feel valued, to make excellent progress and to make the most of the opportunities that Astor College has to offer.

 Year 7 Team

Director of Year- Mrs S Lodder

Teacher of Performing Arts

Deputy Director of Year- Mrs A Fenwick

Teacher of Ceramics

Form Tutor - Miss K Innes

Teacher of English

Form Tutor- Mrs M Williams

Director of Maths

Form Tutor - Mr D Burns

Teacher of Art

Form Tutor- Mr A Farmer

Teacher of Media Studies

Form Tutor- Mrs D Alcorn

Teacher of Maths


Extra Section

Test for Stacey