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Astor's PE Elite


This group comprises of Year 7 students who have shown a combination of sporting prowess, organisation, sportsmanship, reliability and potential leadership qualities.


As these young people will form the backbone of our gifted and talented register and represent Astor at both matches and by running sports events around the region and county, they have to be role models in behaviour, uniform standards and effort in PE, other subjects and around the college generally.


They have done us proud this year with successful rounders, football, netball and athletics teams. They were Astor’s ambassadors at the ‘Pass the Passion’ sporting festival and had a great day out at Tree Jumpers.


In questionnaires, the students have commented that it has helped them improve their behaviour or effort in other subjects as well as PE.


Well done to them all and good luck to these students who are on the verge of being invited to join this squad next year.

Tree Jumpers

Tree Jumpers 1 Receiving safety instruction
Tree Jumpers 2 Learning how to spot
Tree Jumpers 3 Now get across without touching the ground
Tree Jumpers 4 Two at a time takes coordination
Tree Jumpers 5 Balance, coordination and team work in action
Tree Jumpers 6 Will the whole team make it?
Tree Jumpers 7 One step at a time and concentrate
Tree Jumpers 8 Some definitely wanted a second go
Tree Jumpers 9 Carefully does it
Tree Jumpers 10 If one wobbles, they all wobble
Tree Jumpers 11 Teamwork is needed to put some tension in the rope
Tree Jumpers 12 Moving across a different set of ropes
Tree Jumpers 13 Don't touch the ropes and only person per hole
Tree Jumpers 14 Teamwork is the name of the game
Tree Jumpers 15 Getting the last ones through might pose a problem
Tree Jumpers 16 Beware the minefield..and you only have two planks
Tree Jumpers 17 Taking shelter from the stormy weather!