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Capoeira Combat Dance

The Performing Arts department at Astor are always welcoming different ways of learning into the curriculum. On the 13th November the A-level students and the dance department were extremely privileged to invite a special guest to the department.  


Madeira Muzenza is a Capoeira practitioner and taught the A-level students fundamental skills from the art form. Madeira has been trained in the art of Capoeira from a very young age; starting his own training in his home town of Brazil. Madeira then continued his training in London going onwards to teach the art form.  Madeira has worked alongside many institutes such as University of Kent, The Royal Academy of Dance and The Central School of Speech and Drama (London). His classes focus on all aspects of Capoeira from the fight, the history and the philosophy.


Capoeira is a combat dance that is around 500 years old, originating predominantly from Brazil. It's a game of skill that combines self-defence fighting techniques, acrobatics, dance and music.  This style and technique of "dance" is something that the A-level students were unaware of; they were completely out of their comfort zones. However, they embraced the workshop with professionalism throughout and leant a great deal.



The workshop was a fantastic success and the students not only learnt the fighting technique and moves such as 'Meia Lua De Frente' (half moon) and 'Au' (type of cartwheel), they also got to master the musical instruments such as a Berimbau, Pandeiro and Agogo. The skills the students have developed and learnt will be fundamental in their professional career when they leave Astor. The Performing Arts department prides itself in preparing our students for a professional career in the Arts.


The dance department are aiming at making a permanent link with Madeira and offering the combat dance form to students of all ages. Watch this space!!!