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Miss H Clifford


Statement of entitlement

The Board of Directors, leadership team and all staff firmly believe that Careers Education and Guidance is an entitlement for all students at Astor College. Through impartial education, advice and guidance we aim to equip students with the skills and information needed to successfully manage their careers. This is done through a programme which allows students to focus on:


Decision Making

In order to make appropriate career decisions, individuals need to understand themselves and the influences on them and to develop their employability and key skills. Students are also encouraged to raise their aspirations and consider all possibilities.


Opportunity Structure

To help students investigate opportunities in learning and careers the programme allows students to become aware of the range of career opportunities available. Students investigate specific jobs and job families and are given impartial information to explore opportunities in continuing academic and vocational education and/or training.



Self development and career exploration will assist students to implement and adjust their career plans and to manage change and transition. Careers Education and Guidance aims to help students to make good decisions at important transitional points in their college career and beyond. Particular attention is paid to KS3 and KS4 option choices, 16+ choices and 18+ choices. Help and guidance is also available in Year 7 for students who need it to adjust to the demands of a new school and way of working; or to help year 10/11 students to cope with the demands of GCSE. 6th Form students are encouraged to take control of their own learning and plans for the future, with the support of a wide range of resources and tutorial/teaching staff. At Astor, we recognise that the changing world of work means that a student’s career could contain many job changes. The Careers Education and Guidance Programme aims to equip young people to manage their careers effectively, seeking out training and further education so as to reach their full potential.


Self Awareness

Careers Education aims to help students to become fully aware of their aptitudes, strengths, difficulties, personality, attitudes and preferences. Through the programme young people are encouraged to set personal goals and objectives.


Teaching and Delivery of Careers Education

Careers Education is delivered as part of the PSHE programme for Years 7-11 using the Model Curriculum. Discrete careers units are delivered to students in these years by a small team of dedicated staff. It is recognised that careers is also integrated within much of the rest of the PSHE and citizenship programme and indeed across the whole college curriculum.


A fundamental principle of pastoral care at Astor College is the belief in the importance of the relationship between the Form Tutor and his/her tutor group and also that between each year group and the Director of School. These key members of staff have an overall view of the students’ progress and needs in a way that subject teachers cannot have. Part of the overall view involves encouraging students to think about themselves and their developing needs; monitoring progress and decision making; and providing guidance to students or referring them to others for further help.


For more Information, please visit our dedicated Careers Webpages