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CCF Broadstone Warren 2013

We went on camp to Broadstone Warren during the half term holiday in May 2013.


When we got there it was a bit late to do our first activity what was meant to be Pot Holing. So instead we had to put up our tents and trust me they are not my cup of tea! After we put our tents up we got told some very bad news - it was going to rain very badly! In the night at around 3:30am my tent got flooded and (Me) Sasha Ann, Drew and Abbey had to get up and empty our tent when everyone was still asleep.


My first favourite activity is the Aeroball because all you had to do is jump on a trampoline and throw a ball into a goal and that was 1 point. The first person who I was up against was Drew and I was putting the 3 ball in the goal to let her win because she was my best friend from years ago.


My second favourite activity is the zip wire. When I went on the camp I was so scared of heights but now I am not because the camp has CURED it. When I was at the top of the tree I was thinking at the other end was a big bit of Chocolate Cake and then I jumped off it.


My activity that I hated was the Rafting because I can’t swim and the second one is I hate is the MUD. But when we was walking up there my shoes was just getting so horribly messy and I had to walk up there in barefoot and it felt like a mud fountain .


So to sum the camp up in two words they would be MAGNIFICENT and LIFE CHANGING and if we could go there again it would be amazing.