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CCF RAF Odiham Visit March 2014



On Tuesday 4th March the cadets went to RAF Odiham. The cadets had to be at the college by 6:30 in combats with a beret. If anyone was late we would have had to leave them behind because we had a long journey ahead. It was a 2 ½ hour drive. We had to bring a packed lunch with us and we could bring money if we really wanted to. On the way there we stopped at a service station where we met our fellow cadets from Cranbrook School CCF who were joining us on visit to Odiham. When we arrived at Odiham we saw lots of Chinook Helicopters. Then we went into the RAF briefing room where they told us about the site and the rules and regulations.


After the briefing we went to the survival kit room and they had a massive inflatable 20 man raft. We all sat inside the raft and we had to drink water from a ration pack and we also got some sweets. It was very cramped - there was not much room and there was a mini 1 man raft.


The SSI, Anton and I got in some red and orange lifesaving jumpsuits which made me and Anton really hot and Drew Carr and Pacey Carswell were wearing life jackets. After we got out of the lifesaving gear Pacey Carswell put a gas mask on and tried to talk like Darth Vader but it did not go so well. When we had finished in the survival room we went to the armoury and we were told what weapons they were which were a P37 pistol,m60, Minigun, browning, and a Light Support weapon . After we were told that we were able to hold them. We all had a go at firing the Minigun there was no bullets in it for safety reasons. After that we had finished our visit to Odiham. So we went back to college when we was all shattered, when we got back everyone went home and probably went straight to bed.


By Cadet Luke Hitchman