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3D Design and Ceramics



Mrs A Fenwick

Mrs P Matthews-Crow


3D Design offers students the exciting opportunity to experiment with a range of materials in 3D throughout the Key Stages. At Year 8 and Year 9 this includes using papier mache, wire, modrock and clay to realise their intentions. Students work from a project theme to create a range of 2D and 3D outcomes which are original and enable students to explore their ideas from designing through to finished 3 dimensional pieces. At KS3, projects include studying the art of different cultures including Mexican, Aboriginal and Islamic; students are also introduced to the work of contemporary artists whilst also looking at European art movements from the 20th Century.              


Students who continue with this subject at KS4 specialise in Ceramics, working from set topics to create a Portfolio of Work in both 2D and 3D. Students are encouraged in the creative use of a sketchbook and use this to show the development of their ideas whilst also creating maquettes and original 3D pieces.

At A level students complete 4 units of work over the two years. Unit 1 is an experimental unit, enabling students to explore a range of 3D materials in more depth. Unit 2 & 4 are both externally set exam units. Each unit is worth 25% of the final grade.