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Citizenship education at Astor College provides pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding to become informed citizens, aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities.


The current national curriculum has three key concepts for citizenship education. These are:

1. Democracy and Justice

2. Rights and Responsibilities

3. Identities and Diversity - living together in the UK.


Politicians from all parties, teachers and young people campaigned for Citizenship education to be part of the curriculum in England. Citizenship contributes directly to the health of national democracy. We hope to fire pupils’ interest in politics, voting, justice and the law.  We have attached the document Citizenship Explained to discuss more about the subject.

At Astor College, Citizenship is recognised as more than just a taught subject. It is tailored to the local needs of students. The skills and values taught aim to enhance democratic life for all of us beginning in school and radiating out.


Citizenship education is not about trying to fit students into the same mould, or creating the 'model', or 'good', citizen. It is about enabling students as citizens to make their own decisions, to take responsibility and to make positive decisions in their lives.


It encourages students to play a helpful part in the life of the College, their neighbourhood community and the wider world. At Astor, students are encouraged to play a full part in the community of the College through the Student Voice, via peer mentoring schemes, anti-bullying initiatives, links with other schools and reception duty.


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