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Comenius Visit - Czech Republic February 2014

Comenius Trip to Brno, Czech Republic

Over the past two years, students from Astor College’s Sixth Form College have been taking part in the Comenius Project ‘Learning European History through Staging National Historical Events.’ Through this Lifelong Learning Project, students have been given the opportunity to travel across Europe to Bulgaria, Estonia, Portugal, Spain and Italy. But, on 2nd February 2014, four Sixth Form students and two teachers journeyed to Brno, Czech Republic.


The students and staff of Gymnazium P. Krizkovskeho welcomed the weary English travellers into their school and homes and strived to give them a true Czech experience. Students from the school gave tours through the city of Brno, showing visitors the historical sites and landmarks as well as their favourite hangout spots. The English group particularly enjoyed the Savoy, a local coffee café. They spent the day visiting the great chateau and battlefield of Austerlitz before re-enacting the history that took place there later in the week.


A Jewellery making workshop was also held in the school. Students and teachers learned about the Czech Republic’s textile and Jewellery making history and made beautiful earrings and necklaces for themselves and as gifts to bring home to their families.


It was a perfect last Comenius trip for the English students who will be hosting the project for its final meeting in April 2014. “Brno is a lovely city, the students and teachers at Gymnazium P. Krizkovskeho were very nice and welcoming and I was sad to come home.”

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