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Cultural Day

On the 12th of June, Year 7 students took part in a Cultural Day. Mrs Goodwin started the day off with an assembly about the impact of globalisation on the UK and how the world as a community is getting smaller due to travel, education and technological advancements. The endless range of items we find in our shops would not be there if countries worked in isolation, it was pointed out that it takes at least 5 countries to provide the raw materials, designs and other elements such as buttons, zips and thread to make a pair of your favourite jeans. Astor College has its own global society with 12 countries (Latvian, Czech, Slovak, Turkish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Lithuanian, French, Russian , German, South African and Roma), their cultures and traditions being represented within the Year 7 group alone.


Students participated in a range of workshops to experience other cultures. These included African drumming, Czechoslovakian Art, Brazilian, Mexican and Chinese sport, Italian cooking, traditional Gypsy dancing and Romany plate designing.


The cultural day was a huge success; the Year 7's must be complimented on their behaviour, quality of work and effort that they put into the day's activities. A big thank you to Mrs Pasquino who planned and organised the day as well as to all the form tutors and members of staff involved in running the workshops.

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"To live in a global society or community is basically suggesting that the world as a community is getting smaller, with things like travel, education and technology advancing"


"Countries rely on each other to provide all the items we buy in shops"


"It was really fun and everybody worked together"


"I learned about lots of different cultures and how we wouldn't have what we have now if the countries didn't share their good and traditions"