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Director of Department: Mrs Clare Blackman

Mr M Webster
Dr J Wilkinson


At Astor College for the Arts we believe that the skills taught within Geography are very useful in work, study and life.


For GCSE year 11 currently follow the AQA A course which covers topics such as the restless earth, coasts, rivers, population, urban development and tourism. This will be assessed through 2 examinations and a controlled assessment.


At AS level we study Edexcel. The topics include natural hazards, investigating weather hazards, globalisation and inequality. Both of these units have an examination at the end of year 12.


At A2 we choose units from energy security, water conflicts, biodiversity, superpowers, development and technological fixes to geographical problems. There is also an research paper which the students have to complete.


When studying Geography at Key stage 3 you will learn to:

• Weigh conflicting factors carefully before taking critical decisions.
• Understand how and why humans behave as they do.
• Learn the arts of debate and expressing a clear personal point of view – invaluable skills at job or university interviews.


The topics are internally assessed and are:
Yr 7 – What is Geography? Natural environments, population and settlement
Yr 8 – Weather and climate, Water, Italy
Yr 9 – We begin the GCSE course as outlined above to increase depth of knowledge and skills.


We Aim To

• Make Geography fascinating.
• Give everyone an understanding of how the past influences the present and how the present can influence the future.
• Teach the skills of handling different types of data and using it to make informed decisions.
• Improve literacy within our subject.
• Make students aware of how people can affect the environment and how the physical world can affect them.