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Hair and Beauty


Mrs C Prior


Hairdressing can be one of the most challenging and exciting pursuits that students can undertake.

VTCT (vocational training charitable trust) Hairdressing Services provides learners with a solid foundation into hairdressing. 

The units provided will prepare the students to be aware of risks in the salon and how to deal with them while under supervision. Communication plays a big part in the hair industry and the students will learn how to communicate and behave professionally in a salon environment.


The practical elements of the course will encourage the student to use their creative skills to produce and present images in relation to the hair and beauty profession.


Students who have completed Level 1 can move forward to Level 2 where they can further their knowledge and practical ability.


Level 2 learners will now leave college as Junior stylists which allows them to operate under supervision in a salon. This qualification will prepare the student with the knowledge needed for an apprenticeship within a salon, or to follow the profession within a college. Whatever path the student wishes to take they will gain an NVQ (national vocation qualification) allowing them to work within the Hairdressing Industry.


Level 2 involves consultation techniques used to analyse different hair types and how to recognise scalp and hair disorders. The students will work within the college salon where they will learn the skills needed to style, cut and dress a variety of styles.


Students will learn technical services such as permanent waving and colouring.


The college students who undertake this course are invited once a week to a Hairdressing Night School where they are encouraged to invite family and friends to demonstrate practical skills that they have developed.


Astor College boasts a fully equipped salon built specifically for the teaching of the course. The salon has 8 working stations and a full array of equipment and products. Why not come along as a model and let the 6th form students practice their skills under the watchful eye of their tutor.


The salon is open on a Tuesday during term time from 9pm to 1am.


A small donation is asked to supplement the products used and to give the students the idea of a working salon.