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Director of Department:   Mrs M Ridley

Mr S Davies

Miss A Hooper


At Astor College for the Arts we believe the skills that are taught within history are very useful in work, study and life.


For GCSE we follow the SHP specification covering topics such as Crime & Punishment, Impact of War, Life in Nazi Germany and Protest, Law & Order in the Twentieth Century. (3 X examined units and 1X assessed unit).


The 2014 GCSE results showed a huge improvement over the previous few years results.

From September 2011 we will be following the OCR A AS & A2 course covering Churchill, The Cold War in Europe, Nazi Germany and Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudors.

When studying history at Key stage 3 you will learn to:

  • Weigh conflicting factors carefully before taking critical decisions
  • Understand how and why humans behave as they do.
  • Learn the arts of debate and expressing a clear personal point of view – invaluable skills at job or university interviews.


At Keystage 3, the topics you will study are:

Yr 7 – What is History?, Local History Project (including the Wolverton Warrior), The Norman Conquest, Medieval Realms, The Renaissance 


Yr 8 – The Tudors and Stuarts, The Industrial Revolution, The British Empire, Slavery and Civil Rights, How Getting the News has Changed, The Impact of TV on Everyday Life


Yr 9 – World War One, Weimar Germany & the Rise of the Dictators, The League of Nations V The United Nations, Life in Nazi Germany, The Blitz, Home Front Propaganda, Targeting Civilians (inc. Iraq and London Bombings), The Origins of the Cold War, The Cuban Missile Crisis