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Key Stage 3 Boys Dance Workshop

On Wednesday 5th June, twelve of our key stage 3 male students took part in a Kalaripayattu workshop. This martial arts discipline originated from Kerala, South India, and it requires exceptional strength, flexibility, body control and focus. This style takes influences from many classical dance forms including Kathakali dance.

The two hour workshop was taken by Stephen Buss, Vice Principal of the Victor Foundation. Stephen has trained in the style since 2005 and re-visits South India annually to train. The session started with a warm up and then progressed onto teaching the students basic Kalari movements, which were then amalgamated together at the end to create a challenging sequence known as a Meipayattu.


The students were taught how to perform kicks, lunges, handstands, kartwheels, intricate footwork, arm gestures and many more challenging techniques. The students rose to the challenge and gave it their all, working tirelessly to master these new skills. All those involved were enthusiastic, motivated and committed to the session. By the end of the session our students had grasped the basics skills and performed the sequence with confidence.


We would like to say thank you to Stephen Buss for a wonderful workshop and a huge well done to all the students who were involved they worked extremely hard, showing creativity and motivation towards developing themselves. It was wonderful to see so many male students getting involved in the dance workshop and applying themselves to a new style, we are looking forward to see how these students develop and use their new found skills within their dance work.

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