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The dance department at Astor College are always striving to give their students exciting opportunities and enable them to gain a variety of experiences. To enable us to do this we are fortunate enough to have links with a range of professional dance companies/ organisations.


On Wednesday 14th November a group of selected students were involved in a dance workshop run by The Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and taught by a member of the Loop Dance Company. The workshop was held to promote an innovative scheme run by Laban known as the CATS programme (Centre for advanced training). The course offers professional training for talented dance students and gives them the chance to perform with professional dancers, work with professional choreographers and have an individualised programme of study to help them develop their skills.


The workshop which was held at Astor College was taught by a professional dancer, who is a performer and a teacher for the Loop dance company. Emeline trained at the London Contemporary Dance School and travels with the Loop dance company promoting this scheme. The workshop lasted for 90 minutes and was in the style of Contemporary. The students learnt basic Contemporary techniques, learnt a variety of complex sequences, explored choreography and performed in small groups to share with each other their newly acquired knowledge. The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and thrived working with a new practitioner and exploring a range of news skills which they can now apply to their own lessons/performances.


At the end of a challenging session, the students were then given information about the CATS programme and were all encouraged to audition for the scheme. The students worked enthusiastically throughout the workshop, impressing Emeline and took a lot away from the afternoon.


When we held this workshop previously we had one of our ex-students audition for the scheme and won a place, on the prestigious course. He attended the classes for a year and thoroughly enjoyed every minute, he had the opportunity to work with professional choreographers, learn a variety of styles and have a taste of what it is really like to work in the dance industry.


The scheme is extremely beneficial and we hope to see some of our other budding dancers, audition and experience this exciting opportunity.