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Labour Market Information

Using Labour Market Information – an introduction:




Labour Market Information can be helpful in deciding where you would like to take your career however, as with all data it is important to check how the data was collected, when, by whom and for what purpose; as this will affect what the data is attempting to prove or what it may mean to you.


For example: What if the data was collected five years ago? How reliable is it?


To create an informed picture, try and use more than one source of information to get as big a picture as possible (much like when you check “customer satisfaction” surveys and “review” sites if buying a car, laptop or phone).


Once you have looked at the data and information…

It is YOUR CHOICE how you decide what you would like to in the future; whether you:

Decide based on the “predicted” employment and job trends (which may or may not change)…

Ideally using more than one data source.




Decide  based on what you enjoy and/or  good at but, be aware that you may need to go through a period of “churn” later… 


This means that you will need to be open to new opportunities, be adaptable and possibly access further training afterwards (if you can’t access a job in your chosen area, once completing your chosen training or education).


However, you may be “lucky” and be the one who gets into their chosen job, beating the competition on the day by being the best you can be!


Only you can decide which approach (or combination of approaches) feels right for you, both have good and not so good points. Remember, there are plenty of sources of support around you to help if you need a hand… parents, carers, teachers, friends and a careers adviser (who is in most Wednesdays during the school year for appointments and drop-in sessions at lunchtime in the Heart).


Good luck with your research!


Sources of LMI:

Kent County Council – Economic forecasts and location of businesses

Breakdown of trends in sectors, broken down by number of employees by area (including Dover) 2008 to 2011
 (Taken from: )


Further information at:


Economic forecast for Kent:


Prospects Graduate Service - Graduate jobs market:

An in-depth look at the graduate job market, myths exposed and facts provided!


National Careers Service - Labour Market Information by job area:

Click on the job area (sector) which interests you to find out more! Has national and local information!


Industry Leaders - Sector Skills Councils:

What do the industry leaders say is happening in the sectors which interest you?


National Guidance Research Forum – University of Warwick:

Research undertaken into LMI trends.


UK Commission Report - Nothing in Common: (March 2013)
Report into young peoples aspirations and the jobs that are predicted to be available: