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Mrs P Bragge


 Law AS/A Level is an area of study and qualification which is both interesting and useful for many higher education courses as well as a variety of different jobs.


The AQA Law AS/A level course is studied


The first year concentrates on how the law is made in the Courts and Parliament, on the criminal and civil courts, on the persons, both qualified and unqualified, who sit in these courts, and on legal funding. There is also an introduction to 2/3 areas of law in crime, tort, and contract


In the second year, study will focus on a choice of 2/3 substantive areas of law in criminal law, tort law such as negligence, and contract. There is also analysis of concepts of law such as Law and Justice, and Fault.


Reference is made to decided cases, old and current, throughout the course.


Further information on the AQA AS/A  level law Course, including links to key materials such as past exam papers can be found at


 In this rapidly changing world employers want people who are:

  •  Independent thinkers.
  •  Open-minded.
  •  Disciplined.
  •  Good at problem solving.
  •  Able to pick out the essential from the trivial.


Studying law will develop these qualities and skills. You will also acquire a knowledge of law and the legal system which will be of real practical value in your everyday life.