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Le Cirque de la Dance

Astor College dancers were busy this year as they were involved in all aspects of preparation as well as performance for this years Annual Dance show ‘Le Cirque De La Danse’. The show ran on the 20th, 21st and the 22nd of June.


The Astor students prepared for the show and raised money for their own costumes by arranging bake sales, clothes sales, selling CD’s and organising film nights, as well as learning plenty of routines! Preparations started in January and over 70 students aged from 11 to 18 participated.


‘Le Cirque De La Danse’ was an outstanding success and each night was sold out, an astounding achievement for the school! The show had a circus theme and each dance corresponded to a major character or feature of the circus. It was hosted by a mysterious fortune teller ,Madame Zerona, and the Ring leader of the circus, Mr Zindinski! There were gruesome creatures, dazzling showgirls, hysterical clowns and carnival worthy celebrations.


Miss Cloke and Miss Gerrard, who collaboratively directed the show, were overwhelmed with positive feedback and were so proud of how well the students performed. All the staff involved and the students have been working incredibly hard and preparations are already underway for next years show. Well done Astor!

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