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Life to the Max - Dilemma Project

'Life to the Max' is one of several topics we cover under the heading of 'Dilemma Based Learning'. Students are presented with the following scenario.


You are to take on the role of a sixth former who is currently having problems with his or her parents. After an argument about your trustworthiness and reliability they have agreed to let you stay at home for the weekend whilst they visit relatives.


Your parents have just had a week off work to spend time on the garden.  They have laid a new lawn and have planted a large number of new plants. Unfortunately, they have chosen a week when the forecast is for very dry and hot weather.  Your parents have only agreed to you not going with them if you agree to look after the garden.  They tell you that they need you to water the lawn and plants at least twice a day so that they don't die from the heat and lack of water. You have each others mobile number in case of emergency and so they leave with peace of mind and faith in your trustworthiness.


Soon after they have left your best friend phones to say they have been trying to get hold of you.  They have won tickets for Glastonbury for themselves and ten friends and wants you to go with them. All your close friends are already on their way and your best friend has asked along that special someone you've fancied for ages. You could ask the neighbours to water the garden but they will tell your parents. You could phone your parents and try to talk them round, after all you are their little prince or princess. But you have had lots of arguments lately about you not pulling your weight and treating "this place like a hotel." They once even threatened to kick you out if you didn't start to do your bit.


What are you going to do?


Discuss the possibilities and moral and personal angles to the scenario and create your own response. The format is up to you. It could be a story line for TV a soap, a stage play, a TV sitcom or a graphic novel.


How you present it is up to you, a storyboard, film or simply a good old fashioned story as long as you identify the choices to be made and the consequences of making those choices.