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Macmillan Children's Book Prize Winner 2013

Macmillan Children’s Book Prize Winner 2013 visits Astor College


The Foundation course, due to begin in September 2013, kicked off to an exciting early start when prize winning author and illustrator Julie Bentley, delivered a printmaking workshop to Art Department staff and Foundation students. Julie, currently completing an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art and Design at Anglia Ruskin University, discussed her work and the processes involved in creating her award winning book, ‘Monsieur Kibble Gets a Big Surprise’, which she read aloud to a delighted audience!


Reflecting on the day, Julie said ‘it was an absolute pleasure to spend the day at Astor and to work with the new Foundation students, teaching them dry point etching. The students were very enthusiastic and keen to learn this exciting method of printmaking. They produced some excellent images and grasped the techniques quickly. I really look forward to coming into Astor again in the near future to do more printmaking workshops. Astor is a great school and it was wonderful to work with such dedicated teachers and students. Many thanks for having me’.