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Mathew Bourne Dance Workshop

Seven male students from Astor College have had the privilege of participating in a Mathew Bourne audition workshop. In September the renowned choreographer Mathew Bourne is showcasing his performance of ‘Lord of the Flies’ at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. In an exciting new venture he is auditioning male dance students from the local area to take part in the performances. Over 600 male students have auditioned and there are only 15-20 dance positions available.


On Wednesday 11th June, Astor College had their very own workshop which was a huge success. All students involved were enthusiastic when learning two very different dance routines. In addition to performing the taught routines, the students also had to choreograph their own section of dance. This showed our students ability to work in a team and also how well they work under pressure.


All boys did a fantastic job and were all called back to attend the second round of audition workshops at the Marlowe Theatre. We are very proud of all the students who took part in this fantastic opportunity and wish you the best of luck for the next round of auditions.

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