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Director of Mathematics: Mrs M Williams

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Mathematics is the means of looking at the patterns that make up our world, appreciating the intricate and beautiful ways in which they are constructed and realised. Numeracy is the means of making that knowledge useful.


Mathematics contributes to the school curriculum by developing students’ abilities to calculate, to reason logically, and to solve problems. It is also important in everyday living, in employment, and in public decision-making.


The College curriculum enables pupils to build a secure framework of mathematical reasoning, which they can use and apply with confidence.


The subject transcends cultural boundaries and its importance is universally recognised. Mathematics helps us to understand and change the World.

Maths GCSE Revision Links


Please let Mr.Mowat or your maths teacher know of any more revision links that you find useful.

Let us know which ones work best for you as a revision aid  and if any links don't work.

Good Luck! (Interactive maths activities)   (Hwk, revision, starters) (Revision ppt) (How to answer exam questions) (How to answer exam questions) Player) (Revision App) (Revision App) (Revision App) (Revision App) (Revision App) (Revision App) (Revision App) (Practice Questions for Units 1,2 and 3)


Mr Barton Maths - Ebook (get the syllabus on your phone/tablet with examples (practice GCSE questions)

World Maths Day


About one hundred and thirty students in Years 7 to 9 took part in the World Maths Day challenge where together they correctly answered over 18 000 Mental Arithmetic questions out of just over two hundred and ninety-two million questions answered worldwide. All students who participated in the challenge received World Maths Day engraved certificates. Astor’s best student award went to Joe Lund who correctly answered a total of 1 500 questions in twenty four hours. Joe also had the highest number of questions answered correctly during a 1 minute challenge with a record 50 questions! Overall class results went to Mrs Goodwin’s Year 7 class who successfully answered nearly 11 000 questions on their own. We hope that many more students will take part in the World Maths Day activities next year. Well done everyone who helped to unite Astor with the rest of the world in numbers!

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Summer School 2012 


During the Summer holidays of 2012, a group of our prospective Year 7 students were invited to participate in a Summer School. The activities during the two weeks were designed to help boost numeracy and literacy levels in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The Gallery gives a flavour of the success of the event. Thank you to all the Staff and students who participated.

Maths Beans Project


Beanz meanz ?

Year 11 students studying statistics have been analyzing beans.

The project was a blast as students sampled beans for their flavour and which beans looked the best.

Best tasting beans : we found 12 different types from All Day Breakfast to Curried Beans . Beans were bought from many different stores including M&S, Tesco, and Aldi to see if we noticed any difference in the quality of them.




We looked at: Packaging, Advertising, and the Mean, Mode, Median and Range of the total number of beans in similar tins.

We will let you know the results of our survey when the project is finished.