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Military Skills Weekend January 2014

Astor College Combined Cadet Force

St Martins Plain Military Skills Weekend


The weekend at Saint Martins Plain, Folkestone, started off by leaving Astor College midday on the Friday 10th January 2014, to kick off the new term.


We arrived at SMP within 20 mins we where in the Army cookhouse having free lunch. After that we where ushered out to unpack our equipment in the Army accommodation, but we had to move fast as we had to be in the class room in half an hour, to start rifle training.


Saturday we had reveille at 06; 30, only to be marched to the cookhouse for breakfast carrying rifles, which we picked up from the Arms Kote (rifle lock up) earlier. Once there we had our hands and boots and clothing inspected for cleanliness, if you where clean then you could eat.......a lot!!


Other Cadets had to keep watch on the rifles as the rest of us ate, as we didn’t want the rifles to end up in the wrong hands.


A leisurely Breakfast was broken by the words of command from the Senior Staff Instructor Anton Krakowski that we had to move and eat quick as we had to be back in the class room to commence rifle training.


As the day was conducted during the morning, we where told that after lunch we where going to be taken onto the Confidence course to test out our confidence and fears.


During the Confidence course some one only locked the class room, with the key in in side.

So it was my job to squeeze through the tiny window and retrieve the key, typical!!


On the Sunday we got up (The Girls) and the boys decided to have lie in. This was not the order of the day. So the CCF Staff rallied them up out of bed in a military fashion.


After breaking our fast, we marched to the DCCT, Dismounted Close Combat Trainer to conduct shooting. It was like a giant Medal of Honour game.


It was one of the best camps i have ever been on, and would go again, given the chance.

Cadet Amanda Hollands

Astor College

Combined Cadet Force