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PE and Games

Department Staff:

Mrs S Fountain (Director of Department)
Mr G Clubb (Deputy Director of Department)
Mr M Gibson

Miss L Little
Mr S Moore
Miss C Matcham


Department Introduction:

At Astor we offer a range of activities and sports. Whilst there are occasions to compete against others the emphasis is on enjoyment, the learning of morals and social skills ( eg playing to the rules, fairness, treating each other with respect etc) and the teaching of the strands of the national curriculum. It is absolutely vital that students realise that there is more to PE than just performance and that those poor in this area receive equal recognition for being good in the other strands.

We hope that a positive attitude will be developed towards physical activity brought about by enjoyable learning experiences. Particularly to this end we try to extend the range of activities in the upper part of the school and place more emphasis on leisure hoping to encourage continued participation once pupils have left education and enter adult life.

We also believe that physical education can help towards the schools literacy and numeracy policy. To this end we put a large emphasis on communication and leadership skills. Pupils are encouraged to develop responsibility in all areas, to show initiative and work in a safe manner.

Our main aims at Astor and within the department are that every pupil achieves their full potential whether they are of county standard or have special physical, emotional or behavioural needs.


Key Stage 3:

Students in years 7 and 8 have a single 40 minute indoor lesson where they are taught in mixed gender classes of 20-25 students as well as a double 80 minute games lesson where students are taught as a single sex. In year 9 the PE lessons are extended to 1h 20m.

In the indoor lessons students will experience: badminton, basketball, gymnastics, rip ball and health related fitness.

Games activities are: rugby, football, cricket, rounders and athletics for boys and for the girls: football, netball, rounders, ethnic games and athletics.


Key Stage 4:

In  PE, students are taught in single sex groups and they experience a more varied range of activities compared to KS3 with ultimate frisby, boxing training, football, basketball, aerobox, weight training, skipping, aerobics, leadership and aerobic fitness training being offered as well as the ones previously done at KS3. There are also links with our Federation primary schools where students have an opportunity to put into practice their leadership skills both within curricular and extra curricular time.


BTEC Level 2 Sport:

BTEC Level 2 Sport is also offered. It is a vocational course. This means it prepares you for the world of work. The good thing about it is that there is no end exam but there is a lot of writing. You could achieve a Distinction, Merit or Pass (the equivalent an A*, A, B or C at GCSE) but below a pass is only a fail. Therefore if you choose this subject and you find writing difficult for you must be prepared to stay after college on a weekly basis to reach at least a pass level. If you want to take a sport exam but are not very good practically you should choose this course rather than the GCSE PE. You will still do two sports but it is not your own ability that gets marked but your knowledge of the rules and coaching of others. You will also do a unit on the makeup of the human body, fitness testing and training and how to plan and run sporting events. As you can see, the above knowledge would help with any jobs in sport whether you enter work at 16 or 18 or go on to university to study further.


Key Stage 5:


The PE department offers an extensive extra-curricular programme.
Teams are run for rugby, football, netball, basketball, rounders, cricket, athletics, cross country and badminton.

As a department we also run a range of clubs in: badminton, aerobics, power lifting, weight training, running, cheerasize and leadership.


Over the last 2 years our students have run:

  • a major SE Kent Dance Festival, 
  • a primary multi skills festival
  • primary sportshall athletics competitions
  • Panathlon – (disability games)
  • A Gym Festival.
  • Weekly kwik sticks hockey
  • Tri Golf


We have just received a substantial grant to add a cardio vascular suite to our weights room. All the machines and equipment have just arrived and this will be up and running by September 2012.


We have a very good club link with Astor Power Lifting Team who train at the College. Amongst these lifters are several World and National record holders of all ages. These include current students at the College and several ex-students who continue their membership and training here.

The other major link the college has is with the Dover Tae Kwando club who train a wide range of age groups from the college and the local community.