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GCSE Photography

GCSE Photography offers students the exciting opportunity to experiment with a range of photographic techniques and processes. Students develop their ideas to create a portfolio of work in response to a design brief. Students will have the opportunity to use digital cameras and equipment, computer manipulation techniques and traditional methods such as pinhole photography and developing their work in a dark room.


Students are encouraged to realise their intentions by recording their ideas in a sketchbook to show their thought process and develop ideas to produce a personal photographic response.

Assessment is by coursework and a practical examination.



The A-Level Course is validated by AQA and has the same requirements as our other arts based A-level courses. Students must have a grade C or above at GCSE in either Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles or Ceramics. They must also have a C pass in English GCSE.


The course consists of two Units. The first is set by the tutor and constitutes half of the years study. The second is an examination unit set by the exam board. This constitutes the second half of the years work. Students must pass the AS course in order to progress to A2.


At A2, Unit 3 and Unit 4 must be completed and Unit 3 must contain a 1000 - 3000 word essay on the Units theme.


Each Unit of the course involves the use of specialised language as well as critical and analytical written work investigating photographic themes.


For successful completion of the course it is essential that some photographic work is pursued in students own time, and off the college site.


The course is wide in its breadth of study and offers the opportunity to work with both digital media, and Black / white film, developed and printed in the colleges own darkroom.


The course offers important opportunities for students intending to pursue visual arts or digital media studies at a higher level.