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Powerlifting British Record



New British Record at the British Classic Powerlifting Championship.

At the weekend the Astor Powerlifting team travelled to Horncastle in Lincolnshire to compete in the British Classic Powerlifting Championship, an unequipped competition where lifters do not use any supportive equipment.


David “Diddy” Cridland won the Under 18, 120kg bodyweight class with 165kg Squat, 112.5kg Bench press and 182.5kg Deadlift.


Daniel Fletcher won the under 18, 105kg bodyweight class with a 160kg Squat, 100kg Bench press and 192.5kg Deadlift


Sam Pile achieved a respectable 2nd Place in the under 18, 66kg body weight class with 135kg Squat, 77.5kg Bench press and 160kg Deadlift


Andrew Dixon won the British championship title for the under 20, 74kg bodyweight class lifting a 160kg Squat , 85kg Bench press and claiming the British record for deadlift with a lift of 226kg.


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