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PSHE at Astor College for the Arts is designed to raise students’ confidence and help them to develop their inter-personal skills, social skills and communication skills, which are all vital in preparing students for adult life and citizenship. It underpins the college’s pastoral system and supports the college’s aims especially with regard to staff and student relationships and inter-personal relationships. By the highlighting of issues such as bullying, equal opportunities and environmental pressure it aims to create a more open, supportive and tolerant environment for all and provide valuable guidance for the future.


PSHE is seen at the centre of pupils’ learning experiences at Astor College for the Arts. To this end the PSHE Department is dedicated to fulfilling the stated aims through the following objectives and approaches:

  • to teach in a coherent, relevant and interesting manner.
  • to provide an enjoyable learning experience, through the use of a range of interactive, student and group centred, learning styles that cater for the needs of all students within the college.
  • to provide a developmental course of learning that addresses the appropriate needs of students that will enable them to become well informed, and responsible adults in the future.
  • to enhance the learning opportunities provided through the use of external agencies and visitors to lessons;
  • to encourage students to reflect upon their own understanding and beliefs, and to appreciate the views of others.
  • to develop in students an awareness of the community in which they live, their surroundings, and the local and global concerns of the day, and to develop a responsible attitude towards their own responses to these concerns.
  • to encourage students to become responsible for their own learning and to assess their own progress.


Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Drugs Education in PSHE


These two important topics are covered in PSHE and a full copy of the policies and more detailed information is available should you wish to see it.  However a brief outline of the work covered is as  follows:


Relationships and Sex Education

  • Year 7: Puberty; Growing up; Conception; Friendships
  • Year 8: Contraception (covering arguments for and against its use); Boyfriend/girlfriend friendships
  • Year 9: HIV/AIDS; Relationships
  • Year 10: Sexually Transmitted Infections; Relationships
  • Year 11: You as a parent


Drugs Education

Drugs Education in all years follows a similar format looking at:

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Attitudes and values
  • Assessing and managing risk
  • Giving and getting help
  • Basic First Aid

All lessons are planned considering the needs of the students and all materials are age appropriate.  Should you wish further information please contact Mrs Goodwin at the college.