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At Astor Psychology is studied at AS and A2 levels in the Sixth Form.  It is an exciting course.  Psychology aims to help us understand human and animal behaviour and sits happily in the areas of humanities and science.


 A wide range of topics are studied:

  • Can we communicate with animals?
  • What is the best way to revise?
  • Why are people nasty to each other?
  • Are all males macho and all girls girly?
  • How do drugs work?
  • Do violent videos affect us?
  • What is madness?
  • How do we make friends and enemies?


Psychology allows access to many careers and Higher Education courses.  Students could go on to become an accountant or nurse; a social worker or football manager; a speech therapist or physiotherapist.  The world is their oyster.


You can see a collage from one of our Zoo visits here. – for excellent summaries of the Key Studies and past exam questions  - for Powerpoint presentations and past exam papers/mark schemes – General interest in Psychology