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Religious Education


Mrs M Greenstreet

Mrs H Clifford


Our world has become so much smaller with the advancement of travel and communication- we therefore have opportunities to widen our horizons. Religious Studies will give a greater appreciation of the world about us and stretch our minds to consider the great questions of life and our existence. We can learn how to put forward opinions that others may disagree with; we can also learn how to listen.

We have the opportunity to discover the Christian heritage we have in this country and learn to appreciate the different beliefs and practices of others.


As well as academic study and practice, we can study culture and religion through the use of music, media and art.


Many employers favour knowing that a prospective employee has successfully completed a course in Religious Studies as this shows that you have acquired skills in reasoning, questioning and thinking.

Many occupations require crucial skills in critical thinking and learning to be sympathetic and empathise with others, especially those in the public sector: Doctors, nurses, health workers, carers, ambulance service and civil servants are just a few.


All you need is an inquiring mind!

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