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Robot Challenge 2014

On the 24th June the University of Kent ran a Robot Challenge Day at their Medway campus which was open to any school in Kent. The Science department at Astor entered three teams into the competition with each team comprising of five students. Chloe Burchett, Lauren Habbershaw, Olivia Mulligan, Rhiannon Smith and Connor Friday made up the ‘Robotians’ team, the ‘Astorians’ were Jack Birkett, Bill Bristow, Lewis Drayner, Jack Jones and Harry Ulyatt and the third team, ‘Like a Bot’ were Philipp Dase, Michael Harris, Oliver Holmes, Oscar Holmes and Liam Smith.


The theme of the challenge day was ‘food’ and was split into two sections; creating a presentation on a topic and programming Lego® robots to undertake certain tasks.


For the presentation, each of the teams had to research their ideas and produce a well-structured and exciting presentation with supporting material and visual aids. All the teams did really well and managed to work into their presentations singing, dancing and plasticine!


Programming the Lego® robots was an interesting and thought provoking task for all the groups. The students were given a brief introduction to the software and then had to programme the robot and adapt it as necessary to complete a selection of tasks in an arena. Each of the tasks followed the theme of food; fishing, harvesting and moving pigs were some of the tasks. Each task was worth a certain amount of points. At the end of the day the Astorian team managed to beat all the other schools with an unassailable 50 points, winning the robot programming competition. The other two teams were a close joint second with 40 points.


Everyone agreed that they’d had a fun, challenging and informative day.

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