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Student Success

Emma Tredgett


We are very pleased and proud to announce the success of one of our ex-students.


Emma Tredgett, who was a pupil at Astor College from 2002 to 2008 has been successful in obtaining her Masters Degree in Science & Technology (Policy Research) at Sussex University with a distinction. She graduates on 24th January 2013. 


She has worked very hard and has now been offered a 4-6 month internship with the Government Business, Innovation & Skills Dept as a research officer prior to going on to do a PHD in September 2013. 


Emma's Mum, Mrs C.Tredgett, said "Emma was not selected for Grammar School so I spent a long time looking at schools in our area before deciding very happily to send both Emma and Greg to Astor College. They both did very well and enjoyed their time at Astor and I have always been glad that I made that choice for them."


Well done Emma!