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Training Programme

First phase of training the new recruits will be a 10 weeks training programme, where they will learn basic military skills and train with the RAF/Army cadets in certain skills. Then after ten weeks they have the option to join either the RAF/Army section. Cadre Cadets will continue to train with both Army and RAF cadets until they are at age he/she can become a cadet 13 and 3 months. Upon completion of this ten week phase, recruits become fully fledged cadets and are entitled to wear the cap badge of their choice.


Dependant on which service they have chosen, training will take different directions. Army cadets will carry out phase two training called Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) and train in subjects like Skill at Arms/Weapons, Map craft, Field craft, Camp craft, and First Aid. This will open there scope for promotion and carry on through the ranks until they can teach subjects them selves. This is very good for their leadership and self esteem and it can enhance their CV profiles.


The RAF section have three phases, part 1 and 2 in which they train in 4 subjects in general service training such as Map Reading, History of Flight, Airmanship. Part 3 builds further skills they have already learned and may find them selves teaching these subjects to other cadets. Optional to this they may enrol in a flying /gliding scholarship if they wish to use this as an occupation later on in life.