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The transition from primary school to secondary school is usually a scary one. You can help your son/daughter make this transition more successful by:

  •  Visiting the new school
  •  Helping plan strategies for making new friends
  • Supporting with homework and projects
  • Encouraging to join clubs and teams
  • Discussing ideas of greater independence during secondary school.

If children show a particular problem in any of these areas then parents should offer great support as needed.



Astor College for the Arts is an active member of the  Building Bridges project. “Building Bridges…” is a bilateral project between the UK and Spain, with the ultimate objective to raise standards through closer collaboration and better understanding between schools, pupils and their families. It is widely agreed that parents play a vital role in influencing their children’s attitudes towards learning, both at school and at home. Parents act as the link between school and home, and when respected as partners in education, allow students to fulfil their highest potential. The project aims to improve the school/family dynamic and ease the transition between Primary and Secondary levels, through the close investigation of the current feeling amongst parents, teachers and students, alongside the exchange of best practice and information across the partner regions. Through close partnership and action from the regional education authorities and the corresponding partner institutions and organisations, “Building Bridges…” aims to produce a model for other local, national and international partners to refer to and emulate.