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Turkish Exchange Visit March 2013

On Friday the 1st of March, myself and a group of ten students  flew to Turkey to complete the last part of the Comenius Project, a project to study the role of women in Turkish and English society and to study the environmental preservation of Turkey’s Caretta Caretta and Amber trees and England’s flora and fauna and the preservation of the White Cliffs of Dover.


We all had such an amazing visit to Köyceğiz; it’s an experience that no other will ever be able to match. The experience was completely enhanced by living with our Turkish partner and their family; it really helped us to experience the Turkish culture to the full! When we weren’t at home or being shown around Köyceğiz by our partners, we were at Anadolu Lisesi, the local high school, studying the role of women in our two cultures, it was very enriching and enlightening to see that in such different cultures there were so many similarities! 


Whilst at the school we took an afternoon to increase the population of the Amber trees in an area of land behind the school. It was a brilliant experience and very rewarding as the nectar of the Amber trees is very valued in Turkey in religious ceremonies, so it was wonderful to be able to contribute to their preservation. To complete the final part of our visit, we visited Dalyan’s turtle hospital, a type of sanctuary that helps to care for and treat the ailments of the Logger head and Green Turtles that inhabit the waters of the beaches surrounding Köyceğiz and Dalyan.


That visit in particular was very impressive and left a great impact upon our group as it was very sad and difficult to see such beautiful creatures in such difficult conditions. We gained so much from the experience overall, we made friends for life, we’ve learned how to appreciate such an interesting culture and we’ve made memories that we will never forget. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Jodie (Year 11)