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Turkish Visit

Turkish Exchange Visit



The Comenius project is a funded initiative from the European Union. We are all global citizens and the focus of this project is for students to come together and work on a common goal: 


  • to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and staff on the diversity of European cultures and languages, and the value of this diversity
  • to help young people to acquire basic life skills and competences for their personal development, for future employment and for active European citizenship


The project has been split into three parts. The Exchange begun with 10 students from Astor College spending 5 days in Köyceğiz  which is a small village in Turkey. The focus for the first part of the project was the preservation and conservation of the Amber Tree forests and the Leather Back Turtles (Caretta Caretta).  We are now into the second stage of the project where the 10 Turkish students have visited Astor College. During this trip students will focus on the conservation of the Samphire Hoe’s flora and fauna, sustainable tourism in the south east. They will also study the role of women in English society. The English students will then return to Turkey for the third and final part of the project where they will look at the role of women in Turkish society.


During our time in Turkey our students were especially moved by the visit to the Turtle hospital. (the only one of its kind in southern Turkey). As a result the English students will present a sum of £300 to our Turkish guests so that they can pass it onto the Turtle Hospital. They raised this money with the help of the school council and the other students at Astor. This money will go towards the treatment and care of the Caretta Carettas who suffer serious and life threatening injuries as a result of tourism and fishing in Köyceğiz.


The English students are now very excited about the prospect of returning to Turkey to study the role of women in Turkish society and looking at how it compares to England.

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