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Visit to Lakenheath - United States Air Force (Europe)

We left Astor College at eight o clock to head out to RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk. We were going to be on the coach for two and half hours.


Once we had arrived at the air force base, we had to go through security measures that where quite extreme. This was to make sure we did not have any bombs hidden on the coach, to which we did not.


After we had found out who was going to be our tour guide, we headed off to the biggest aircraft hangar I have ever seen. This hangar had two F-15 eagle fighter jets and a selection of missiles, bombs, and ammunition, all being inert, meaning inactive of course.


After that we were taken to the stores section on the air base, which had all sorts of items such as: gas masks, machine guns and chemical suits and full body armour, which we were allowed to try on. That part was fun!! If you wanted it, they had it!!


Last but by no means least; we visited the base emergency services, such as the firefighting section and the ambulance/paramedics.


They demonstrated to us how to use the tools and equipment. They had my favourite tool, which was the hatchet. After going through all the tools, we were allowed to jump all over the fire trucks, there where loads of buttons to press like the siren, which was very loud.


As we played with all the tools of the trade, we had an epic chance to see 8 F-15 Eagles take off at a silly speed from the air base. Where they were going nobody knew.


After that we were allowed to have a look in the firemen’s accommodation, which was very cramped but need, as they stay in there for 24 hours on duty.


The best bit of the day was the jets taking off, it was completely awesome. This was an amazing day and really loved it.


By: C. Kenningdale (Y9)

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