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Welcome to Astor College

At Astor, our vision is to motivate all students to achieve their best in a safe, caring and stimulating environment.  To offer a range of opportunities that stretch, challenge and develop resilience for every student.


This will encourage and stimulate an exciting, creative and caring environment in which individuals can maximise their personal and professional development.


The Federation comprises of Astor College (one of the country's leading arts Colleges), Barton Junior School, Shatterlocks Nursery and Infant School, White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts and Kent Educational Television Studios. Each of the schools/colleges has their own Principal who are;

Mr Lee Kane (Headteacher Astor), Mr Meades ( Headteacher, Barton and Shatterlocks) and Mrs Knight-Fotheringham (Headteacher White Cliffs).


This website gives you a taste of “Life at Astor”. The best way of knowing about the College is to come and see us in order to experience what the College has to offer. It is only by talking to students and staff that one can get a true feel of Astor and the special relationship between students and staff.


Our vision for the Federation centres upon:

  • The pursuit of excellence in all aspects of Federation life
  • The uniqueness and supreme importance of each individual
  • The celebration of a caring, compassionate and well ordered community
  • The accessibility of the visual arts for the local community
  • The importance of visual literacy as a theme for raising standards and achievement.