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Year 7 Report

Starting Astor is a huge experience for all Year 7s.  It's nerve-racking, blood-rushing and exhilarating!

There are a lot of activities and things you can get involved in, such as:

  • Inter Form competitions

  • Being captain of sport teams

  • Competitions

  • Quizes

And a lot more…

As well as all of the lessons, form time is fun too.  You get to do a lot of activities and games.

All of the teachers here at Astor are amazing; they work really hard at their job to make sure we get a good education to prepare us for the future!

Astor is a very big place and there are a lot of rooms to remember.  Walking up the two huge hills …. Is the worst part, but you will eventually get use to it! I have J

Since I have started Astor I have been involved in a lot of events:

  • Dance competitions

  • Football

  • Rugby

I have also become a games captain for my form.  My form is probably the best form ever!!  I am soon going to be in the dance show with some of my friends!

I am loving Astor and it’s very fun and there are a lot of nice people here! I am looking forward to all the other exciting opportunities to come!