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Year 7 Report

Way back in the late summer, 190 students began life in the Astor Family and they quickly set to work in making the most of their opportunities. Almost half of these students had given themselves a running start by attending a successful summer school programme of events and activities.


Most students made a successful transition and were soon earning merits and progressing up the A2L points table towards their bronze, silver and even gold awards. PG won the first termly prize for form effort and currently the top A2L points scorers are Ondrej Mako, Cally Snelling and Tommy Mack. Merits are totalled separately and can be spent at the merit shop. Top merit earners include Morgan-Ashleigh Evans, Rozafa Vranoci and Taylor Morgan. They were also busy getting involved in the other activities such as sport, dance and drama.


Battles began on the sports field with several inter form events. SD beat PG in a thrilling football final while PG turned the tables in the college cross country largely thanks to Mr Davies recounting the scores and correcting Mr Gibson’s poor maths.

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The top 3 finishers in the boys race were Harry Johnston, Owen Wright and Travis Kent while Cayce-Jo Barr, Emily Epps and Samantha Roe took home the girls medals. Harry, Owen, Travis and Cayce-Jo performed well in the District Cross Country event and will now run in the Kent Schools’ Championships in January.


The year fielded football teams for both girls and boys and while not having the most successful season they showed some promising touches for future campaigns. Eyes are now turning to their respective netball and rugby campaigns.


Rivalries also were made in the weekly quiz. HP won the first term’s prize.



The Year Council has met twice and form representatives are currently busy organising their forms contributions to our charity shoe box project.


In October to celebrate an excellent first term, the students went Ice Skating in Gillingham. Several students showed a clean pair of blades and were whizzing around the ice. Thanks Connor and Tyrese! While the students resembled Torvill and Dean, the staff were more awful and less keen. Staff are hoping for more luck on February’s Bowling Trip.

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