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Astor College Combined Cadet Force


Astor College CCF




Contingent Commander – Lt Tara Young

Section Officer – Miss Clare Van Dyke Hempenstall


The CCF is a voluntary youth organisation that promotes responsibility, endurance, self-discipline, independence and resourcefulness in exciting and challenging ways.


Astor cadets currently parades on Thursday (CCF) between 1530 and 1730 hours and Friday (Cadre) between 1530 and 1700 hours.


If more training is needed to complete any unit’s syllabus, we may invite cadets to come along for a weekend field exercise or trip/visit to any Mod owned land. There are chances for exchange visits to other countries or adventure training activities that will test the cadets personal achievements and give you a recognised qualification. All activities and training are designed to help personal development and prepare students for their futures, as well as being fun!